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Conversion Calculators
Length Unit Converter Collecting Rain
Surface Calculator Energy to Heat Water
Volume Unit Conversion Calculator Iecost Calculation Program
Mass Weight Conversion TDS Calculator
Temperature Unit Conversion Wind Chill Calculator
Pressure Conversion Program Relative Humidity
Process Flow Calculation Hardness Converter and Hardness Calculator
Volume Flow Unit Program Molecular Weight Calculator
Dynamic Viscosity Program Design Characteristics for a Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Calculation
Kinematic Viscosity Calculator Ryznar Stability index
Prefixes Langelier index calculator
Conductivity Converter Accuracy water analysis calculation
Parts Per Million (ppm) Converter Ionic strength and activity coeficient
Osmotic pressure calculator
Ion exchange calculator for one chemical element
Ion exchange calculator for more than one chemical element, selectivity factor and separation factor

With these calculators you can calculate Anglo-American units to the standards units (SI-units). This may be useful, because most American and British use American or British units and European use the standard metric units. With the conversion calculators you can convert the units that are most commonly used. There is a small overview of the units that are mostly used in the industry in the process flow calculator. The other conversion programs have more units to convert and they have some useful back ground information. You can also calculate the money you can save when you re-use rainwater that falls instead of tap-water (precipitation calculator) and the energy cost when you use a boiler to heat water (energy cost).

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