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UV disinfection Systems

With industry regulations becoming more and more stringent, increasing press interest and the evolution of resistant strains of bacteria have resulted in the successful application of alternative methods of treatment, like UV treatment.

Effluent Treatment

Swimming Pools

Domestic Applications

UV surface disinfection

UV in Hydroponic Horticulture

Sugar Syrup Treatment


UV info

Pharmaceutical application

Lenntech offers complete UV systems for high technology industries such as Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Semiconductor, Soft Drinks, Water Authorities, Potable Water, Offshore Platforms.

At the other end of the spectrum, the low cost domestic systems have been successfully solving individual water quality problems for many years.
Lenntech is able to offer both Medium Pressure, Low Pressure and Low Pressure Amalgam disinfection systems. Lenntech also offers Special Ultraviolet systems, offering clients an individually tailored service to solve the most complex of disinfection problems.
Ultraviolet technology is used extensively in many industry sectors including: -

- UV does not alter taste, odour, colour or pH of the water
- UV does not require the addition of chemicals
- UV does not impart toxic by-products into the water
- UV systems are compact and easy to install
- UV systems require very little maintenance
- Running costs are often lower than those of a household lightbulb

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