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RO membranes:

Lenntech is able to offer all the membranes available on the market for marine desalter, recommended in desalination applications.

Dow / Filmtec





4"- 2.5"


4"- 2.5"


4"- 2.5"


4"- 2.5"


SW30-2540 SWC4 LD SWC-2514 TM820C-400 TM810V AD-365 AD-90
SW30HRLE-370/34i SW30-4040 SWC4MAX SWC-2521 TM820E-400 TM810C AD-400 AE-90
SW30HRLE-400/440 SW30HRLE4040 SWC4B-MAX SWC-2540 TM820F-400 SU-820L AD-400, 34
SW30XLE-400/440 SW30-2514 SWC5LD SWC5LD-4040 TM820M-400 SU-820 AD-440
SW30ULE-400i/440 SW30-2521 SWC5MAX SWC6 -4040 TM820M-440 SU-820FA AD-400 LE
SW30XHR-400/440 SW30-4021 SWC6 SWC-2514 TM820V-400 AD-440 LE
SWC6 LD SWC-2521 TM820V-440 AE-400
SWC6 MAX SWC-2540 AE-400, 34

Cartridge filters, bag filters and active carbon

Lenntech can provide a complete range of filters for desalination / water-maker units for the offshore market and ship-building.

Cartridge filters

(1-5, 10-20, 50-100 µm)

Bag filters

(1-5, 10-20, 50-100 µm)

Active Carbon

GE 10/20/30/40” Eaton Pentair 10/20”
Eaton 10/20/30/40” Pentair Atlas 10/20”
3M 10/20/30/40” Loose granular active carbon - GAC

Pumps and spare parts

Thanks to its market posotion, Lenntech can assist you for any need related with sea resistent pumps and relative spare parts to be integrated in your serve kit(s).

Low pressure pumps

High pressure pumps

Dosing pumps

Arbo Grundfos Grundfos
Lowara Danfoss
Grundfos CAT

Disinfection and Chemicals

Lenntech can provide disinfection units and a full range of chemicals needed in sea water desalination and drinking water making.

UV system

Chloride dioxide

Generic chemical

ATG-UV Grundfos GE

The advantages of working with Lenntech (request quotation):

 -  Personalized quotation for any products related with sea water treatment application
 -  Turnkey systems and technical support for OEM and end users
 -  Answer within 24h in 8 languages
 -  Dealing only with one provider for any water treatment products
 -  Large stock available
 -  Personalized payment terms

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