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LennRO mini Reverse Osmosis

Lenntech introduces small stationary Reverse Osmosis Systems for small production flows from 100 up to 2000 l/hr.

Lenntech small reverse osmosis systems provide low conductivity water from tap water and low brackish
water. Lenntech units are ready‐to‐use, skid mounted, easy to operate.

  • Compact design, low energy demand and high recovery;
  • Fully automatic system, microprocessor controlled.

The desalination core process is reverse osmosis. Semi-permeable membranes are used to separate brine from fresh water.

LennRO mini

Systems mini for 100 l/h & 200 l/h.


Systems for 250 l/h, 500 l/h, 750 l/h & 1000 l/h.


Systems for 1000 l/h, 1250 l/h, 1500 l/h & 2000 l/h.

LennRO Compact Sea Water Maker

Systems for 160, 375, 780 l/h without energy recovery

Systems for 200, 375, 460 l/h with energy recovery


Systems 250 l/h to 1500 l/h with variable output

LennRO Reverse Osmosis + EDI 

System up to 500 l/h

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