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Lenntech provides several services.

Laboratory tests

Pilot units

When pilot testing is required, we can rent our existing pilot or build one that suits your project specification. Pilot tests are started by Lenntech technician and supervise from our main office.


We can operate maintenance task on any water treatment technology within our scope of supply. You can also contact us for maintenance on your old equipment
CIP systems

ClO2 dosing systems

Ion exchange
Ozone systems
UV systems

Rental units


Inspection & Optimalisation


We supervise installation and commission every single unit we provide, on client's request. Technician and / or engineers can be sent all over the world to set up your installation


Lenntech specialized engineers provide on-site consulting, carry out on-site analysis and field test on demand, anywhere in the world.


Lenntech specialized technician or engineers provide technical training or general courses, in our facilities or in the field.

Contact Lenntech for any kind of water treatment plants servicing, our specialists servicing all over the world.

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